Scott has been practicing massage therapy for over 7 years and has helped hundreds of people with chronic pain and injuries. Scott has recently completed his training in manual osteopathy allowing him to better align the structure of the body as well as address imbalances within the soft tissues.


Scott has been an instructor of massage therapy in Edmonton, AB for 3 years, and has taught anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, sports massage, and deep tissue techniques at the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage and the South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy

Additionally, workshops for manual therapy professionals are run multiple times a year throughout western Canada on a variety of topics

He also teaches functional anatomy and postural assessment with Open Source Yoga on Texada Island and the Vancouver School of Yoga.

Starting in September 2018 Scott will be offering advanced trainings for Yoga Teachers with the Manipura Yoga College in Nanaimo, BC.


Scott is a registered yoga instructor and enjoys working with people who are new to yoga and looking to increase flexibility. Scott loves to see progression in his students and works to apply his knowledge of anatomy and human biomechanics to his yoga classes.